Lilies and Tulips

In the dead of winter, it’s nice to remind yourself that one day Spring will be back! What better way than with lilies and tulips.

Teaching Kids About Giving

I came up with this idea one night while talking to my son about Santa and presents and all the Christmas stuff he had been hearing. He just turned three years old, and this is the first Christmas he started to be curious with what was happening. He knew Santa was coming, and he had a sack of gifts (mostly learned all this from school and books and TV) but I wanted to be able to explain gift giving to him, not just receiving. So I decided I would take him Christmas shopping.

I went to Target and got a few packs of these brown kraft gift bags. We were having Christmas Eve at our house, and expecting ten family members, so I wrote each person’s name on the bags.

I brought my son to the Dollar Store, and brought the bags. I gave him a basket and explained to him that we were going to buy a special gift for each person, something that we thought would make them happy.

We walked through the store, I would name a person and give him the bag, and we would stroll through the aisles talking about things they liked, and what might make them smile.

He was having a blast. I was surprised he had an opinion about each person! I would suggest something, and sometimes he would say, “No, I want to give them this” and point to something else of his choice. How sweet!

When it was time to check out, I gave him a $20 bill, and explained that in order to buy our gifts, we will have to give the cashier money. He was armed with sunglasses for Daddy, a toy pony for his sister, a basketball and football for each of his Grandfathers, and Disney figurines for the Grandmas. Not to mention a set of bubbles for himself. I agreed that a gift for himself would be appropriate.

When we got home, we unloaded the gifts, put them in the appropriate bags, along with a handmade card for each person.

Family Christmas Card

Every year since the kids have been born, we have been taking a family Christmas card photo. This year, we took it up a notch and had Jacklyn of Jacklyn Lorraine Photography take our photos, she did a fantastic job! We met at a local Nutley park, and it was the first snow! so it was incredibly gorgeous. However, it was a freezing day, and the kids were really cold and uncomfortable, so I believe we were out there for a total of 10 minutes before everyone started crying. She did a great job, considering. She was quick and efficient, understanding with this little ones, had a great eye and was an absolute pleasure to work with!

The Most Beautiful Gift

My son picked this beautiful flower for me in my mom’s backyard, so I just had to share the joy of this moment! Seeing the proud look and huge smile on his face when he ran over to hand it over to me… made my heart sing.

Spring Blossoms

Still being inspired by the unseasonably warm weather, I couldn’t resist bringing some more blooms into the house. I love the bright purples and pinks in this arrangement.

Hyacinth Blooms

Spring has sprung in February! We are having unseasonably beautiful warm weather here in New Jersey. We are getting 60° and 70° weather this month, and as a girl who loves the summer and outdoors, I am sure enjoying the change! Being influenced by the climate, I couldn’t resist purchasing some spring-inspired florals, especially this wonderfully smelling hyacinth. The brilliant purple and fragrant blooms remind me of those early stages of spring that bring promises of hope and joy for sunny days ahead.