Tea Storage and Organization

For Christmas I gifted myself a few organizational tools to bring me some sanity in 3 cluttered areas of my kitchen: my tea cabinet, tupperware shelf and junk drawer.

I found this beautiful bamboo tea box that holds 120 tea bags.

It fits perfectly in a drawer. I am so happy being able to enjoy my tea rituals with more ease!

Zoo Themed Kid’s Birthday Party

We celebrated my son’s 4th birthday at Turtleback Zoo in West Orange, New Jersey. The tablescape set the tone with lions, and tigers and bears… oh my!

As favors, I included a zoo map, as well as an “adopted” stuffed animal for each child.

I also made these cute little animal cracker snacks for all of the “Party Animals” to enjoy as they strolled around the zoo.

I got a round chocolate cake made at local bakery, and added my own zoo animal figurines and live flowers and foliage to create the perfect scene!