Family Christmas Card

Every year since the kids have been born, we have been taking a family Christmas card photo. This year, we took it up a notch and had Jacklyn of Jacklyn Lorraine Photography take our photos, she did a fantastic job! We met at a local Nutley park, and it was the first snow! so it was incredibly gorgeous. However, it was a freezing day, and the kids were really cold and uncomfortable, so I believe we were out there for a total of 10 minutes before everyone started crying. She did a great job, considering. She was quick and efficient, understanding with this little ones, had a great eye and was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Christina is an odd combination of a perfectionist that insists on things happening organically, or according to nature. She wants to have all the control, yet leave life up to chance, and it is a concept that she admittedly constantly struggles with. Her love for her family puts a spark in her eye that only happens with movie effects. A self proclaimed hermit, she laughs at the hypocrisy of her love for party planning. Christina’s message is the importance of slowing down, and reclaiming joy by surrounding yourself with people and things you love. "I am going to make everything around me beautiful," she says, "that will be my life."

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